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About NEST


David Oliver - NEST ChairmanFrom the NEST Chairman, Mr David Oliver

I have pleasure in introducing you to the National Entitlement Security Trust (NEST), a national industry Trust established to secure employee entitlements and offering benefits to both employers and employees.

Employers participating in NEST enjoy the commercial benefits of immediate tax deductions on entitlements, predictable cash flows, reduced liability on their balance sheet and regular investment income that can be used to fund future entitlement payments. These employers also win confidence and loyalty by providing complete security for their employees’ entitlements.

The intention of this section of the website is to provide you with the detail you need to make an informed decision to join NEST. Please see the "About NEST menu" to your right to begin learning About NEST.


For Administration related queries such as How to make contributions, How to claim and How to join NEST please visit our Administration section. Also, if you would prefer to have the information contained within this site in a printable format please download the "NEST Information Guide" from our downloads page.


Thankyou for your interest in NEST. Please do not hesitate to contact the friendly NEST team if you require any further information or assistance.




David Oliver

NEST Chairman


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