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Claiming from NEST


NEST offers flexibility in relation to claiming entitlements. Employers can choose from the following options:


Direct reimbursement to employer from fund


Employees continue to receive their entitlements from employers when they fall due in the usual manner. Employers claim reimbursment directly from NEST depending on the amount of contributions made on behalf of the employee for the type and period of leave taken. Upon receipt of a completed claim form, reimbursement is made within one business day either by EFT of cheque. Alternatively, at the employers option, the claimed amount can be kept as an employers credit and be used to pay future contributions.


To lodge a claim, employers simply download the appropriate form from the NEST website and send the completed form to NEST.


In the case of employer insolvency, all entitlements held by NEST must be paid directly to the employee upon receiving notification of an administrator's appointment.


Claiming from NEST


Direct payment to employee from fund


Claims for employee entitlements are lodged by emlpoyers and paid directly to the employee by NEST. Employers must extinguish any existing equivalent entitlement liabilty from their balance sheet before claiming from NEST.


Claims for entitlements canot exceed the amount contributed on behalf of any specific employee for the type and period of leave taken. Claims for entitlements are subjected to PAYE tax and will be paid net of tax. NEST will provide employees with group certificates at the end of each financial year.


Lodging a claim for entitlements can be undertaken by completing an Entitlement Claim FOrm, which is available from the NEST website of by contacting NEST. Claims for entitlements will be electronically transferred into an employee's account within one business day of NEST receiving a completed claim form.


To make a claim on a NEST account, employees simply complete a NEST Entitlement Claim Form and lodge it with their employer. The employer then validates the claim and sends it to NEST for payment.